Who Was The Mad King Game Of Thrones

Who Was The Mad King Game Of Thrones – With “The House of the Dragon” Near here, we remember another infamous Targaryen, The Mad King He is only a king but he is on fire.

The Targaryens come from a long line of terrorists and rulers, with their family marked by madness and greatness because, as they say, when a Targaryen is born, the gods turn a coin. But there may not be a Targaryen loom over the timeline

Who Was The Mad King Game Of Thrones

Like the savage king. Although he is already dead in both versions, the Mad King is still the subject of whispers and fear and makes up much of the lore of both versions. With

The Madness Of Kings

In the final season), Aerys had silver hair and purple eyes. He was handsome in his youth and was also undeniably attractive. However, after being kidnapped during the Duskendale Challenge, he would become paranoid and gradually begin to descend into insanity. From there, Aerys began to refuse to wash and trim his beard and nails. Her once glorious hair was matted as her nails turned into claw like claws. Because of the fear of being poisoned, he became very thin and sharp and often injured himself when he sat atop the Iron Throne. So much for the Targaryen attitude.

Aerys’ grandfather was Aegon V (better known as Aegon the Unlikely for his claim to the throne despite being the fourth son of a king), who remarkable against incstuous marriages and encouraged his children to marry for love. Despite this, Aerys’ father, Jaehaerys, asked him to marry his sister Rhaella, because of a prophecy from a forest witch who said that the result of the union would give birth to the promised legendary prince. (For the millionth time, don’t listen to the witches come out of the woods to give you prophecies. I don’t care how cute they look, that’s not good- ever!) And so the union was made, and the brothers and sisters were miserable.

When he was young, Aerys would also befriend what would later become his closest confidant, Hand, and eventually his enemy: Tywin Lannister, along with Steffon Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End . Tywin had been a page at the royal court and had become an instant friend of the prince. In fact, after the War of the Ninepenny Kings, Aerys even chose to knight only with Tywin. sweet

Now, bear with me, because this is kind of silly with all the names involved. The Summerhall tragedy is important to Aerys’ backstory because if it hadn’t happened, he might never have become king. We still don’t know the details of the tragedy, but the books so far indicate that it happened after Aegon V tried to hatch dragon eggs in Summerhall with his son and heir, the Prince Duncan. A big fire broke out (although some think and think that someone must have started the fire without their knowledge), and father and son died. Jaehaerys took the throne while Aerys was with his sister-in-law, as her son Rhaegar was born on the same day (hence his deep connection to the tragedy in the books).

Who Is The Mad King In House Of The Dragon? An Important Game Of Thrones Connection Explained

Jaehaerys succumbed to illness a few years later, in 262 AC, handing the throne to Aerys and marking what would be the end of the Targaryen dynasty.

To be completely fair, Aerys has had a good start. Remember, he wasn’t always the Mad King. After he assumed the throne, he replaced many old faces at court with young men like himself. Mark: Tywin Lannister. By then, Tywin had a reputation for putting his family’s enemies in their rightful place (“The Rains of Castamere” anyone?), and given their relationship and history, he was only it makes sense that the name would be Hand. He solved the crown’s problems with the Iron Bank, he pleased the high lords and ladies, he built important structures and, overall, he made everyone happy. As they say in Westeros, what the king dreams, the Hand builds. And Tywin was doing just that, making him the perfect man for the job. Some might even say

Perfect Rumors began to circulate, and eventually caught on, that Tywin was the true king, not Aerys. Of course, this story didn’t sit well with the latter, causing hurt in their relationship. It didn’t help that Aerys openly liked Joanna, Tywin’s wife, who refused to marry her son Prince Viserys (Khal Drogo hands out a molten gold crown on the HBO show, although you may know already), or his heir. , Prince Rhaegar, to Cersei, and finally, her decision to give Tywin’s favorite son the honor of being a member of the Kingsguard, but more on that later.

During his years as Aerys’ hand, Tywin did his best to take it all in stride and turn a blind eye to the plight of his childhood friend. He continued to do this despite Aerys’ deliberate attempts to make his job more difficult than it already was. When Tywin advised him to do one thing, Aerys would do the complete opposite, which now brings us to the Awakening Challenge.

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The Duskendale Challenge is, in essence, the main reason behind Aerys’ madness and is an important turning point because if things had turned out differently, as Ser Barristan Selmy himself once said, history turned out the way it did.

Lord Denys Darklyn of Duskendale had ambitions. He proposed to the crown to make a charter for Duskendale, which was rejected by Lord Tywin. By this time, the whole kingdom was beginning to know the bad relationship between Tywin and Aerys, and Lord Denys took advantage of this by going directly to Aerys himself. At first, Aerys was also inclined to reject the proposal, but after Tywin refused to advise, he did a 360 and decided to settle the dispute himself and even travel to Duskendale with an escort . Long story short, it was a trap, and he ended up being held hostage for six months. Of course, Tywin Lannister didn’t sit down and take out his boss. Everything involved was obviously brutally executed and Aerys was never the same.

After his rescue, Aerys refused to leave the Red Keep and was suspicious of everyone: his courtiers, especially Tywin, and his son and heir, Rhaegar. Steffon Baratheon was asked to return to court and join his small council, as well as everyone’s favorite whiskey master, Varys. It was at this time that his interest in burning was born, as was Rhaegar’s marriage to Princess Elia of Dorne, which was marked by a large ceremony which he refused to attend for fear the murder.

Aerys would not set foot outside the Red Keep until the Grand Tournament at Harrenhal, which shocked everyone in the kingdom. The decision came after growing factions pitting him against Rhaegar slowly gained traction. He was also created to gather, once again, the support and love of his people, which was a tall order considering, at this time, the living body of the man he once was , and very much scares the hell out of him. everyone. which he saw at the event. Everyone loved Rhaegar, though, and Aerys thought he really meant it to her son (they didn’t). It was at this event that Jaime Lannister was officially inducted into the Kingsguard, severing, once and for all, his bond with Tywin, who resigned and left for Casterly Rock. It is important to note that the Kingsguard is an order, and they are made to serve for the rest of their lives (not their king), so by ‘ make Jaime a member of that order, Aerys has essentially deprived Tywin of an heir. . Remember, this guy hated Tyrion for not being fully skilled and Cersei for, well, being a woman. Tywin is stupid in that regard.

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It was during this competition that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna Stark Queen of Love and Beauty and the following year the two “departed”, igniting what would become the Usurper War or Revolution mach Robert, depending on which side you find.

After Lyanna Stark disappeared, her older brother, Brandon, marched to King’s Landing with several companions and asked Rhaegar out. He was met by Aerys, who asked their fathers to come south and answer for what he considered a crime against the crown. Once there, Lord Rickard Stark demanded a trial by combat, to which Aerys reluctantly agreed and declared that his hero was fire​​​​ . Brandon was forced to watch with a strangulation device strapped to his neck as his father was consumed in the flames, while his windpipe was crushed. Afterwards, Aerys sent a message to the Eyrie and asked Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon, Lyanna’s next brother and lover, respectively, to lead them. The Lord of Battle, Jon Arryn, refused to give up his