How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance – In addition to your age, insurance companies base motorcycle rates on your driving history, location, and the make and model of your motorcycle. Some major insurance companies do not offer individual cover for riders aged 16, so you may want to consider sharing a policy with your parents.

Along with your age, your location can have a big impact on how much you pay for car insurance. Motorcycle insurance for 16-year-old riders in New York costs an average of $722 a year, while those living in California pay $1,786 a year, a difference of more than $1,000.

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance

Where you live plays a big role in determining the cost of your insurance, as companies take into account factors such as the number of accidents and vehicle theft statistics in your area.

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The price difference between insurance policies can be significant for riders as young as 16. A policy costs an average of $1,020 a year from Nationwide, the cheapest carrier, while Allstate charges $1,561 a year for 16-year-olds — a difference of $541 a year.

Riders age 16 should also compare Progressive’s rates: At $1,116 a year, a policy is 9% cheaper than average.

Two of the nation’s largest motorcycle insurance companies – Geico and Dairyland – do not offer individual policies to 16-year-olds. This means you can only get coverage as an add-on to your parents’ policy, and teenagers whose parents don’t have car insurance or who can’t keep up with an adult’s policy will have to settle for more expensive motorcycle insurance.

This makes it even more important to look for discounts for 16-year-old riders when comparing motorcycle insurance quotes.

A Motorcycle Rider Comes Home

In general, the cost of motorcycle insurance for young riders is more expensive than the usual rates for older riders. That’s because insurers say inexperienced motorcycle riders are more likely to engage in dangerous behavior.

Even new drivers can struggle to find cheap car insurance. Compared to older drivers, 16-year-old drivers can pay thousands of dollars more per year for coverage. Fortunately, as with motorcyclists, your insurance rates will likely decrease as you get older, as long as you don’t get a ticket or cause an accident.

Most companies do not offer standalone scooter insurance. In contrast, insurers include scooters or mopeds under a regular motorcycle insurance policy. If you’re looking for scooter or moped insurance as a 16-year-old, you can get quotes for scooter insurance the same way you would shop for motorcycle insurance.

Nationwide offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance deals for 16-year-old riders. A contract costs $85 per month or $1,020 per year, on average.

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The average cost of motorcycle insurance for a 16-year-old is $103 per month or $1,232 per year. That’s almost double the cost of insurance for a 21-year-old rider.

Yes, a 16 year old can get a motorcycle license. However, it’s important to check your state’s requirements: in many states, a 16-year-old rider must have a three- to six-month learner’s permit and complete a safety course before obtaining a motorcycle license.

To find the cost of motorcycle insurance for a 16-year-old, we collected quotes from Allstate, Nationwide, and Progressive in 5 states for a 2020 Harley-Davidson Street 500 rider.

Prices are based on coverage limits or minimum reporting requirements, whichever is greater:

Motorcycle Insurance: Get A Free Quote

To get an insurance quote over the phone, call: (855) 596-3655 | Agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Choosing the right motorcycle insurance company means balancing affordability with reliable coverage. After collecting hundreds of Michigan quotes and reviewing insurance companies, the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Michigan comes from Progressive at $702 per year.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Michigan is $953 for full coverage. That’s more expensive than the average cost across the country, which is about $721 a year.

Progressive is our top pick for motorcycle insurance in Michigan. We were impressed by the affordable prices, the generous base coverage options and the wide range of discounts available.

The average annual rate for motorcycle insurance we found at Progressive was $702, 26% lower than the Michigan average. This makes Progressive the cheapest motorcycle insurance provider in the state.

What Do You Think Of Insurance

Motorcyclists who also own a car can save even more by combining their car and motorbike policies.

Progressive’s basic policy includes some benefits that other insurers sometimes charge more for: motorcycle parts replacement cost coverage and $3,000 parts protection. Most motorcycle insurance companies charge extra for these protections, but they’re free for Progressive customers.

Plus, Progressive offers a discount that disappears. For every year you go without an accident, the engine discount is reduced by 25%. This can lead to significant savings in the event of an accident.

Progressive’s customer service is good, but not industry-leading. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) gave it a complaint index of 0.76. This means it receives 76% as many complaints as a typical company of its size. Other competing insurance companies had scores as low as 0.63.

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Allstate has a low customer complaint rate, along with an impressive list of coverage and discount options.

Motorists who appreciate an excellent customer service experience should consider Allstate. It has the best customer service of any company we reviewed in Michigan, despite the cost – the highest rates we found.

Allstate has a low NAIC complaint ratio – 0.63. That means it received 63% as many complaints as a typical company of its size.

We were very impressed with the range of discounts that Allstate offers, such as having multiple policies, paying in full and having safety features on your motorcycles.

Green Card For Motorcycles

However, Allstate was the most expensive company surveyed, with an annual rate of $1,129. That’s $176 a year more expensive than the national average and $427 more expensive than the cheapest option.

If you use your bike to get to work and ride around town in Michigan, you should check out Dairyland. The company offers many features aimed at the everyday rider.

It offers roadside assistance such as battery problems, flat tires or mechanical problems, as well as 24/7 towing. Rental reimbursement provides money to rent a vehicle for 30 days while your motorcycle is being repaired.

If you don’t have another vehicle, this combination can be valuable if something goes wrong on the road.

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While Dairyland is often more expensive among motorcycle insurance companies, that is not the case in Michigan. The annual interest rate of $962 per year was only $9 per year more than the national average.

However, the company doesn’t have a great reputation for customer service, with a score of 2.69 on the NAIC Complaint Index. This means that the company receives 169% more complaints than expected for a company of its size, a sign that the company is not leaving customers as happy as it could be.

Finding affordable motorcycle insurance rates can save you hundreds of dollars a year. We’ve collected quotes from all over Michigan to find the cheapest option for Michigan bikers.

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies greatly depending on you and your driving history. These include where you live, the type of motorcycle you own, how long you’ve owned your motorcycle, and whether you’ve recently been involved in an accident or traffic violation. We collected quotes from a 45-year-old owner with 20 years of motorcycle experience riding a 2021 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide.

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We do not advise insurance buyers to opt for the cheapest rates, nor do we advise riders to opt for the legal minimum for coverage. You should buy enough coverage to protect yourself in case you or someone else is injured in an accident while staying within your insurance budget.

The insurers we reviewed offer sufficient coverage for Michigan’s legal minimum insurance. But the variety and availability of an insurance’s extra coverage can make all the difference. This includes things like OEM parts coverage and rental reimbursement.

To determine which Michigan motorcycle insurance company has the best service, we used several data sources, including the Insurance Commissioner’s Complaint Index and AM Best’s Financial Strength Rating, among others.

In addition to the state average, we also determined the average cost of insurance for each city for major Michigan locations. Use the chart below to see how your bike’s prices compare to those of your neighbors.

Motorbike Insurance Average Cost La France, Save 31%

If you want to see how Michigan motorcycle insurance rates compare to national rates, check out our nationwide analysis of motorcycle insurance costs.

To legally ride a motorcycle in Michigan, you must purchase motorcycle insurance that meets the minimum coverage amounts:

However, you don’t need to worry too much about meeting these limits in practice. Insurance companies will not sell policies that do not meet the minimum legal requirements, so any policy you buy will have adequate coverage.

The average cost of coverage for riders in Michigan was $953 per year, or $79.42 per month. Less than average coverage can be achieved by skipping certain benefits such as collision and comprehensive coverage. However,

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