How Long Are Youtube Shorts

How Long Are Youtube Shorts – For years, YouTube’s “short form” video format simply consisted of uploading shorter videos or clips to your channel the same way you would upload longer videos, regardless of their size, length, etc. .

Thanks to YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s short answer to TikTok, creators now have a new way to upload shorter videos on YouTube.

How Long Are Youtube Shorts

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the key differences between short YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts, and discuss why content creators might want to start using YouTube Shorts to grow.

Why You Need To Start Using Youtube Shorts.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube’s “short form” video format used to mean simply uploading shorter videos or clips to your channel (without worrying about their size, orientation, length, etc.). Since there are no separate in-app studios (as YouTube recently implemented for Shorts in their mobile app), uploading shorter videos is no different than uploading longer videos, eliminating any learning curve.

Even now, there’s nothing that specifically marks shorter videos (not posted with Shorts) as different from any of your other videos other than their length.

Many streamers who run YouTube accounts like Ludwig often have clip channels where they only post shorter videos separate from their main YouTube channel. This can often be very easy as exporting clips from Twitch directly to YouTube is quite simple, not requiring any resizing, formatting, etc. Having a dedicated channel for clips can also act as a way to bring a wider audience to your main channel. .

YouTube shorts must be less than 60 seconds, in portrait orientation, uploaded using the Shorts feature on YouTube mobile or include #Shorts in their title or description if uploaded traditionally and follow the YouTube Community Guidelines.

Creators Are Mitigating Burnout With Long Form Youtube Videos

Unlike traditional YouTube videos, creators can now edit their videos in the YouTube mobile app and add popular songs to their videos (instead of having to find free music) without worrying about copyright strikes when uploading a YouTube Short. Together, these features make Shorts very accessible to creators and users, allowing content to be created and viewed on mobile devices more easily.

Short also serves as a new way to provide more content for dedicated YouTube subscribers instead of trying to get them to different platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Twitch.

Despite these useful features, YouTube Shorts is not entirely devoid of negative elements. As previously mentioned, Shorts videos are limited in length (require your videos to be under 60 seconds), and, like most other short-form video platforms, are limited to vertical formatting.

Additionally, while YouTube acknowledges the monetization benefits to creators and says there is potential for it in the future, YouTube Shorts are currently not monetized.

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At first glance, YouTube Shorts and traditional short videos seem to differ only in terms of length, formatting and name.

Although there seems to be little difference between these upload methods, using the YouTube Shorts feature can actually be very useful for the reach of your content.

Since YouTube Shorts is so new, there isn’t much competition between videos uploaded through Shorts as a whole. Compared to regular/traditional YouTube videos, Shorts are not as saturated, so using them early can make your content highly visible.

It also argues that YouTube Shorts may be less vulnerable than other viral platforms. This summer and until the fall of 2020, TikTok is threatened with bans and censorship regulations. On the other hand, since YouTube is one of the oldest and most successful internet platforms, and is owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company, publicly traded), it can be seen as more credible to governments around the world, than viruses. programs that provide less public safety data.

How Long Can Youtube Shorts Be?

I hope this article helps you better understand the difference between short YouTube clips and YouTube’s new YouTube Shorts. If you have any feedback about or Studio, please let us know! For more tips and tutorials on creating great digital content in 2021, return to the Resources page, subscribe to our YouTube channel or read more articles about YouTube Shorts:

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Youtube shorts can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. But there is a catch. You can make a video between 15-60 seconds if you use stock audio or your audio. However, if you use music from Youtube, then the short length is limited to 15 seconds.

Currently, YouTube Shorts content creators do not earn money from ads. Instead, to help these creators, last year, YouTube launched the $100M YouTube Shorts fund. But has now increased its revenue sharing model to 45% ad share in the Shorts stream.

What are some best practices you can use to make your YouTube Shorts more engaging?

Content is king. Just like regular Youtube videos, Youtube Shorts also require certain best practices to stand out from the crowd.

Youtube Shorts Thumbnail Size , Width And Height In Pixels

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Edit Into A Short’ Will Help Long Form Youtube Creators Repurpose Content For Shorts

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YouTube is testing its Shorts feature to create short videos directly from the app as it hopes to compete with TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Using your smartphone’s camera, you can record short videos and upload them instantly. The default length is 15 seconds and you can add more time in the program, up to a minute.

The YouTube Shorts feature is now available in over 100 countries including the US and Canada. Users can find these specific videos by clicking Shorts at the bottom of the YouTube app, on the YouTube home page, or on their channel page.

Youtube Rolls Out New Partner Program Terms As Shorts Revenue Sharing Begins On February 1

Note: After you record your video, be sure to add the hashtag #shorts in the video title or description to allow YouTube to recommend or promote your Shorts video.

Although this Short is not currently monetized with ads, it will affect your number of views and total playtime and you can direct people to your monetized YouTube channel. YouTube also has $100 million to support creators who help build the Shorts community.

1. If you don’t already have the YouTube app on your device, download it for your Android or iPhone and sign in.

4. If this is your first time using this option, your device will ask for permission to allow YouTube to use the camera and microphone.

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6. YouTube shorts recording length defaults to 15 seconds. By clicking the number “15” above the record button, you can change it to 60 seconds.

Tapping on the number above the record allows you to change your recording time from 15 to 60 seconds. Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider

7. Tap the Speedometer icon on the right to speed up or slow down the recording.

8. You can also set a time for the camera to start without you by tapping Timer, right below Speed.

Youtube’s Letting Shorts Creators

9. Finally, Filters allow you to apply various visual filters to your footage. Some Android users may miss this feature.

10. Once ready, press the Record button. Hitting it again will